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VB.NET Keywords and Identifiers

  • Every programming language contains some predefined words reserved for its use. These words are known as keywords.
  • One cannot use these keywords as the identifier. Identifier is a name given to the several entities in a program.
  • VB.NET contains some reserved words having some special meaning called keywords.
    • The Meaning of each keyword is fixed. We cannot change the meaning of keywords.
    • We cannot use any of the keywords as the identifier and if we use any keyword as identifier then we will get error.
  • Here is a list of keywords provided by the VB.NET:



  • Identifiers are the name given to the various programming elements like variables, array, functions and structures etc. In simple words, identifiers are used to give the name for elements or it is used to identify the elements of the program which we use in the program uniquely.
  • In VB.NET for writing the identifiers we have to follow some rules as given below:
      • Identifier can use the alphabets, digits and underscore.
      • Identifier begins with the alphabets or underscores (_).
      • Identifier cannot begin with the digits (0-9).
      • Keyword cannot be used as an identifier.
      • Identifiers cannot contain punctuation special symbols or characters such as @, !, &, ^, # etc.
      • Following are some examples of valid and invalid identifiers:


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