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How to log out of Facebook Messenger

Logging out of Facebook Messenger app of your Android phone is not an easy task.There’s no logout button in this app but still you can Log-out from your Facebook messenger using this trick.Here are the steps to do this:

1. First of all close your Facebook Messenger app,if you have it open this trick will not workout. 2. Now switch to your Android Mobile’s Settings.

3. Now in settings option scroll down to Apps and find out the messenger.

4. Now tap on this and click on the “Clear data” button.

Now when you go back to your Facebook Messenger app, you should see that it will not log you in automatically. your profile name will be there, so that means you can just tap on it to start Messenger without even signing in. If you want to completely log out, so that your name doesn’t even show up, then you need to sign out of the Facebook app as well.

In this way you can logout from the Facebook Messenger.

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