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Steps to Get Back the Start button in Windows 8

Have you used Windows xp or Windows 7 and now you are Using Windows 8? if yes then very first thing you will miss in windows 8 is the Start button. for some good reason may be microsoft Decided to drop the idea of Start button in windows 8 like we had in earlier version. Many people kind of didn’t liked this change because they were addiced to the habbit of start button. We will Show you two Easy methods to Get Back the Start button in Windows 8.

Yes , you can have or create a start Menu on the toolbar, and this can be done by following below mentioned easy steps.

  • Firstly enable the Show hidden files option.
  • Now Create a New Folder, Now Copyand paste all Files, Docs, Setups or Programs that you Use Daily and Wish to have it within seconds in this new Folder.
  • Now a right click on the Taskbar , Hover your mouse on Toolbar then select a new Toolbar from the Toolbar option.

You can also have few more softwares or options by which start button or start menu can be installed with more features to be enjoyed, and without any defects/problems that you can face after the installation.

    • 1.Classic shell : This is an outstanding free software that you can have to add up a start menu button to the Taskbar, and not only this but you are lucky enough to get a few more features that come with it.
    • ViStart 8 : This is another outstanding software which I personally recommend as I have personally tried it out in my Windows 8 PC and got a positive result from this with an amazing Start button on my taskbar which made it easy for me, and along with this I also got additional features which are cool like the ability to change the skin and much more.
    • Pokki : Up to now we have seen Couple softwares to Get Back the Start button in Windows 8 and trust me the best by far is Pokki, I can say that because many of my Friends are Using Pokki, they Never had any problem with it.

With this it Concludes my list of Softwares to Get Back the Start button in Windows 8.

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