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MySQLi Select Data

  • Select From query is used to fetch or retrieve data from table.



    • To fetch all the entries from table:
SELECT * FROM tableName;


To retrieve all the entries of the columns that have been specified in the query:

SELECT columnNames FROM tableName;


We have following table with us-

id name salary contact
1 John 25000 7777777
2 Peter 40000 9999999
  • Now we have to retrive data from the above table using following code:

<!DOCTYPE html>




$query=”SELECT * FROM employee”;

$result=mysqli_query($connect,”SELECT * FROM employee”);


echo “<br>Name: “.$rows[‘name’];

echo “<br>Salary: “.$rows[‘salary’].”<br>”;}





Name: John
Salary: 25000Name: Peter
Salary: 40000

  • In the program, a SELECT query is executed which should retrieve all the data from the table employee. The data is saved in the variable ‘$result’. Now we will fetch the rows one by one from this variable and store it in a variable ‘$rows’. Every time the while loop loops, $rows gets the next entries of next row. This variable ‘$rows’ is an array which contains the entries of the current row. These entries can be accessed using the column names as index of array. For example $rows[‘name’], $rows[‘id’]

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