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ASP.Net Interview

1 what is ASP.net?

Answer:Asp.net is the combination of two technologies: a) Active Server Pages (ASP) and b) .NET Framework. ASP is also known as classic ASP, which provides an effective way to develop dynamic web pages and on the other side .NET framework is a new development platform introduced by the Microsoft that helps us to create the application in any .NET languages.

2 which language can be used as script to develop ASP.net applications?

Answer:ASP.NET application can be built in any of the following languages

  • C#
  • J#
  • JavaScript
  • Visual Basic.NET

3 what is .net languages?

Answer:.NET framework allowed us to write our applications/ programs in any .NET languages. The languages supported by the .NET framework are called .NET languages. The basic .Net languages are: C#, Visual Basic.NET, Visual C++.NET.

4 What is CLR (Common language runtime) ?

Answer:CLR is a very important part of the .NET framework which is basically used for executing the application written in any .NET language. It provides the common way to compile the code for language which we use.

5 what is MSIL?

Answer:In .NET framework applications are compiled twice. In first compilation process source code of the application is converted into MSIL (Microsoft Intermediate Language) by the compiler of language in which code is written (like VB Compiler, C# compiler etc). MSIL is a machine independent code. In second compilation process MSIL file is executed and CLR transforms it into machine code.

6 What is base class library?

Answer:Base class library is also an important part of .NET framework which can be used by the all.NET languages. It provides a common library which contains common functions, methods and classes which are same for all .NET languages.

7 what is file system in ASP.net?

Answer:File system is a default choice for creating a web application. It creates the website either in local machine or in your network. It is used to give the location to store the web application on machine.

8 what is HTTP in ASP.net?

Answer:HTTP indicates that your website is served by the IIS (Internet Information Services) sever (It is a web server product introduced by the Microsoft). When you choose HTTP the IDE itself develop the virtual directory for you and application is served by IIS server.

9 what is FTP in ASP.net?

Answer:FTP allows you to develop your web application on remote location accessible by the FTP protocol.

10 what is properties window in ASP.net?

Answer:It is available at the right side of the IDE which allows you to configure the settings and properties of web pages, controls and object etc. You can open the properties window by pressing F4 or by click on View->Properties window.

11 what is server explorer in ASP.net?

Answer:It is available at the left hand side of IDE which displays the database connections. Using this, we can connect the controls to the database or we can use these controls for custom use of database.

12 what is solution explorer in ASP.net?

Answer:It is available at the right side of the IDE which contains the list of files and folders related to your web application. Here all the folders and files are present related to the project and we can also add or remove any file from here manually.

13 what is toolbox in ASP.net?

Answer:It contains the HTML elements and controls that can be drag and dropped onto your web page. These controls are used to create the GUI for the application or webpage.

14 what is the working of design view in ASP.net?

Answer:When we click on the Design tab you will see the design view of your web application. In design surface you can drag or drop the controls from the toolbox. In this box, just we have to drag and drop the controls from the tool box and these will be appeared on this design view, we can also create the GUI components manually using the custom code.

15 what is source view in ASP.net?

Answer:When you click on the source tab present in the pane you will enter in the source view of the web application. This also allowed you to add controls but this view displayed the control as HTML and ASP markup. Whenever you place a control on the design surface the IDE automatically added a markup for that code in the source view. Here we can also provide the code for adding controls and control also display in the design mode.

16 what is ASP.net controls?

Answer:Controls are the basic building block of any GUI (Graphical User Interface) based web application or any other application. Control allows user to enter data, display data and select the data. These can also provide support for validation, data manipulation and security and more.

17 what is standards controls in ASP.net?

Answer:Standard controls are the basic utility controls which are basically used for design the user interface for website. These controls are basically used for entering, displaying and selecting the data. Some of the Standard controls supported by ASP.NET framework are Label, TextBox, Button, ImageButton, ListBox, RadioButtonList, Image etc.

18 what is validation controls in ASP.net?

Answer:Validation controls are used to validate the data before you enter the data to the server. The basic validation controls supported by ASP.NET framework are CompareValidator, Custom Validator, RangeValidator, RegularExpressionValidator, RequiredFieldValidator and ValidationSummary control.

19 what is navigation controls in ASP.net?

Answer:Navigation Controls enables you to display navigation elements. The basic navigation controls are Menu, SiteMapPath and TreeView Controls.

20 what is login controls in ASP.net?

Answer:Login control enables you to display login, change password and register page. The basic Login controls are Login, LoginName, LoginView and PasswordRecovery etc.

21 what is data controls in ASP.net?

Answer:Data Controls make the user able to work with the data like data present in the database. The basic Data controls supported by ASP.NET framework are sqldatasource, Gridview, Formview, Listview, Detailview and Linkdatsource etc.

22 what is HTML controls in ASP.net?

Answer:HTML controls enable the users to convert the HTML Tag into a server side control. In this, we just provide the runat=”server” to use these controls in .net.

23 what is bullet list control in ASP.net?

Answer:BulletedList control is used to display bulleted list of number of items. It is used to create unordered or ordered list of items just like the HTML


    1. elements.

24 what is button control in ASP.net?

Answer:Button is used to perform any action when we click on the button. In Asp.net, when we want to perform any action on button click then we have to provide the code or functionality.

25 what is check box control in ASP.net?

Answer:CheckBox control is an ASP.NET Web server control which is a small rectangle type control which is basically used when you want that user has multiple options to choose from the existing list. In the case of check box, we can select more than one item from the given options.it provides the choice which item user want to select. It can be one item or more than one item.

26 what is image control in ASP.net?

Answer:Image control is used to display an image. When user want to display any image then image control is used for this purpose. All the method, events and properties of the Image Control are defined in Image Class.

27 what is image button in ASP.net?

Answer:ImageButton control is basically used for displaying the clickable image. This control is used when we want to make the buttons more interactive. These controls provide the facility to place an image rather than the text on the button so it is called as image button.

28 what is label control in ASP.net?

Answer:Label control is a standard control which is most commonly used in the web applications. This control basically uses to display static data on web pages which can’t be changed by the user.

29 what is list box control in ASP.net?

Answer:ASP.Net provides a list box which contains the several options where we can select one or multiple options from the given list. In ASP.Net, list can be scrollable means when the items are more than the list box then the scrolling; used to display the other list items which are not displayed on the list box.

30 what is radio button control in ASP.net?

Answer:The RadioButton control is ASP.NET web server control which is basically used to display the radio button. It is a selection control which selects the single value at a time. The main use of RadioButton control is to accept the user input.

3 31 what is text box control in ASP.net?

Answer:TextBox Control is a most important and widely used control of ASP.NET. This control is basically used for accepting or displaying data. The methods, properties and functions of the TextBox Control are defined in the TextBox class.

32 what is reuired field validator in ASP.net?

Answer:RequiredFieldValidator control ensures that the user has entered the data in the Data-entry control (like TextBox ) associated with the web page. If user skips the data-entry control then a predetermined error message is generated by the ReuiredFieldValidator.

33 what is range validator in ASP.net?

Answer:RangeValidator control is used for the purpose of range checking. RangeValidator control ensures that data entered in the Data-entry control or input control is present in a specified range or not. It basically checks that the data entered by the user is fall between the two specified values.

34 what is regular expression validator in ASP.net?

Answer:RegularExpressionValidator control is used for the purpose of pattern matching. RegularExpressionValidator control ensures that user data entered in an input control matches with a specified regular expression. ASP.NET framework includes some in-built regular expressions that you can use to match data entered in the input control like mail addresses, telephone numbers and postal codes etc.

35 what is compare validator in ASP.net?

Answer:CompareValidator control is used to compare the user data with a fixed value or value entered in any data-entry control. All the methods, properties and events of CompareValidator control are defined in the CompareValidator class.

36 what is custom validator in ASP.net?

Answer:CustomValidator control is a user defined validation control. CustomValidator control ensures that data entered in the Data-entry control or input control is matched with the condition that is being set for the control. CustomValidator control allows users to define their own Validation criteria.

37 what is validation summery control in ASP.net?

Answer:ValidationSummary control is used for display the list of errors occurred in the webpage. It is known as a ValidationSummary control because it gives the summary of all validation errors occurred in the application. The summary can be displayed as a list, as a bulleted list or as a single paragraph based on the DisplayMode property of the ValidationSummary control.

38 what is navigation control in ASP.net?

Answer:Navigation controls enable us to display navigation elements. Navigation controls basically provides the back and forth movement among the different-different web pages in a web application. Navigation controls display the path by which we can reach to any of the webpage of a web application from current web page.

39 what is sitemap control in ASP.net?

Answer:SiteMapPath control is a Navigation control which shows the current web page location and also displays the links to as a path back to home page. SiteMapPath control displays the link for the connection with the URL of the other web pages of a web application. URL represents the path of a webpage in a web application through which user can navigate to that page.

40 what is menu control in ASP.net?

Answer:Menu control is a Navigation control which is used to display data developed from a database, Xml file or from sitemap file. In ASP.NET Menu control can be displayed in two ways: 1. Horizontal: In this view all the menu items are displayed horizontally. 2. Vertical: In this view all the menu item are displayed vertically.

41 what is static menu in ASP.net?

Answer:The items of this type of menu are always visible on the web page; these are present in expanded form.

42 what is dynamic menu in ASP.net?

Answer:The items of this type of menu are not always visible on webpage; these are present as the pop- menu.

43 what is tree view control in ASP.net?

Answer:TreeView control is a Navigation control which is used to display the hierarchical data. TreeView control is used to display the location of web pages present in a web application as a Tree Structure.

44 what is login controls in ASP.net?

Answer:Login controls are basically used for the purpose of security in any web applications. These controls are used to display Login page, Change password and also to display Register page.

45 what is the use of login control in ASP.net?

Answer:Login control display the user interface for the purpose of authenticating a website user. Login control accepts the user name and password and after validating the input provides the further access to web page.

46 what is login name control in ASP.net?

Answer:LoginName control is used to display the User name of current user. All the methods. Events and properties are defined in the LoginName class.

47 what is login status control in ASP.net?

Answer:The LoginStatus control displays a login link for users who are not authenticated and a logout link for users who are authenticated. The login link takes the user to a login page. The logout link resets the current user’s identity to be an anonymous user. All the methods; Events and properties of LoginStatus control are defined in the LoginStatus class.

48 what is login view control in ASP.net?

Answer:LoginView control manages the display of webpage content by using defined templates for unauthenticated users and authenticated users.

49 what is anonymous template in ASP.net?

Answer:This template is displayed for the anonymous user accessing the website.

50 what is Logged In template in ASP.net?

Answer:This template is displayed when the user is validated by the Login control.

51 what is role groups template in ASP.net?

Answer:RoleGroups template: This template displayed when the user recognize the user as the member of any specific rolegroup.

52 what is create user wizard in ASP.net?

Answer:CreateUserWizard Control collects the information from potential users. By default this control adds the new user to ASP.NET membership system. CreateUserWizard collect the information from the user: User Name, Password, confirm password, security uestion, security answer.

53 what is change password control in ASP.net?

Answer:ChangePassword control allows user to change their password.

54 what is ChangePasswordTemplate in ASP.net?

Answer:It displays the interface which contains the information reuired for changing the password.

55 what is SuccessTemplate in ASP.net?

Answer:It defines the user interface that is displayed after a user password has been successfully changed.

56 what is password recovery control in ASP.net?

Answer:PasswordRecovery control used to create user friendly password recovery interface for the website user. It does not display the password at the browser on the other side it sends the password as an email. The PasswordRecovery control either sends the user’s original password or resets the password and sends the new password.

57 what is the use of data display control in ASP.net?

Answer:Data Display controls are used to display the data from the databases.

58 what is ASP data source controls?

Answer:Data Source controls enable the user to work with various different -different data sources like Sql database, Microsoft Access database, XML file or business object.

59 what is data list control in ASP.net?

Answer:DataList control is used to dispaly data of entire table of any database. It is basically used for display data-bound list of items. DataList control display items using templates. DataList control supports the Inline editing and deletion of data.

60 what is details view control in ASP.net?

Answer:DetailsView Control displays data of a single row of table at a time. DetailsView Control supports for the editing, deleting and inserting the record. All the methods, events and properties of the DetailsView control are defined in the DetailsView class.

61 what is form view control in ASP.net?

Answer:FormView control is also used to display data of a single row of a table at a time like DetailsView Control and supports the editing of the record. Unlike the DetailsView control FormView control requires the use of template for generating item so user can customize the records.

62 what is grid view control in ASP.net?

Answer:The GridView control displays the values of a data source in a table where each column represents a field and each row represents a record. It also supports for the sorting and paging of data corresponding with editing and deleting.

63 what is repeater control in ASP.net?

Answer:Repeater control displays the list of items and allows custom layout for each item present in the List. All the methods, properties and events of Repeater Control are defined in the Repeater Class.

64 what is access data source in ASP.net?

Answer:AccessDataSource Control is basically special type of data source control which is mainly designed to work with the MS Access database. This control uses the SqL statements for the purpose of retrieval of data. This control connects with the MS Access.mdb file in order to work with the MS Access database.

65 what is object data source in ASP.net?

Answer:ObjectDataSource control is used to configure an object data provider to fetch data from the database. This control allows user to work with business object and several classes. This control is designed to interact with an object that implements one or more methods to retrieve or modify data.

66 what is sl data source in ASP.net?

Answer:SQlDataSource control enables the user to work with the SQl database. SQlDataSource control uses the SQl commands in order to modify and access the data of SQl database. SQlDataSource can be used with the data display controls as DetailsView, GridView and FormView controls in order to display data of SQl database.

67 what is xml data source in ASP.net?

Answer:XmlDataSource controls are used the Xml files as the data source. XmlDataSource controls provide the data to databound control. This control is used to display data in hierarchical as well as Tabular form.

68 which type of data sources are supported by ASP.net?

Answer:SQl, oracle, Ms Access databases etc.

69 what is HTML controls in ASP.net?

Answer:HTML controls enable the users to convert the HTML Tag into a server side control. In any ASP.NET web application HTML elements are not available to the server they are treated as the text, we have to convert these HTML elements to HTML server control for make available them to server side.

70 what is web service in ASP.net?

Answer:ASP.NET provides the facility of the web service. Web service includes XML, WSDL, SOAP. Web services are used to provide the communication between different types of network using the common internet protocols means it is a set of programs to communicate with different technologies using the internet protocols.

71 why we use XML in web service?

Answer:XML is used for data transmission. It describes the data. XML is the well form and combination of valid statements.

72 what is SOAP?

Answer:SOAP stands for simple object access protocol. It is used to provide the communication mechanism between the services and the applications.

73 what is WSDL?

Answer:WSDL stands for web service discovery language. It offers uniform methods to describe the web services to other programs or applications.

74 write examples of web services?

Answer:It can be used in the web portal means it is used to broadcast the latest news headlines from the associated press web service. It can be used in the weather reporting. Using web services, we can display the weather information to our personal website. It can be used in stock market to display the latest information on the websites.

75 why we use ASP.net?

Answer:ASP.NET provides a way to develop the dynamic websites. To develop any website, the cost is main factor but using asp.net we can develop the interactive site at low cost with the higher reliability. So we can say that ASP.NET provides the website development at low cost and using this we can develop website in less time because it provides the inbuilt controls to develop the elements such as Label, TextBox, PictureBox etc. Thus we have to use the ASP.Net to build the website application.

76 write some advantages of ASP.net?


  • ASP.NET reduces the code which is reuired to develop the large project ot website.
  • ASP.Net applications are more secure and safe because application is taken care by the inbuilt authentication and authorization configuration tools of the windows.
  • ASP.Net provides the high performance by using the early binding, native optimization and caching services etc.

77 give one difference between ASP and ASP.net?

Answer:ASP does not support for XML where as ASP.NET provides the supports for the XML.

78 what are the features of ASP.net?

Answer:Features of ASP.NET:

  • It provides the bundling and minification feature used to minimize and bundling the size of scripts.
  • It provides the strongly typed data control.
  • It provides model binding means isolation the web form from the model.
  • It provides values providers which are used to filter the data. These are ueryString, Session, Cookie, Control value.
  • It provides support for improved paging.
  • It provides support for the socket programming.
  • It provides the support for the HTML5 elements such as email, url, number etc.

79 what is common type system (CTS)?

Answer:It is like the common language runtime. It is a bunch of standards. It provides the common data types which IL understands. It is used to convert the basic data type to .net data type as shown in diagram:

80 what are the CTS data types?

Answer:CTS data types: there are several data types which are as shown below:

81 what are the benefits of .net?

Answer:Benefits of .NET Framework:

  • It provides consistent programming model.
  • It provides the direct support for the security.
  • It is used to provide the easy and simplified development efforts.
  • It provides easy deployment and maintenance.
  • It provides event logging.

82 which IDE we use to develop the ASP.net applications?

Answer:Visual Studio is an integrated development environment in order to develop web applications with ASP.NET. It provides a complete development kit for building interactive and data driven ASP.NET web applications.

83 what is split view in ASP.net?

Answer:The Split view combined shows the source view at the top pane and design view at the bottom pane.

84 write some properties of Button in ASP.net?

Answer:Height, width, caption, ControlTag etc.

85 what is the working of tool tip?

Answer:This property sets the text which is displayed when mouse is over on control.

86 write four properties of Label control in ASP.net?

Answer:BackColor, BorderColor, BorderStyle, BorderWidth.

87 what are the properties of text box in ASP.net?


88 what are the properties of reuired field validator?


88 what is root node in ASP.net?

Answer:It is top level node in Tree. It has not any parent node but contains one or more child nodes.

89 what is parent node in ASP.net?

Answer:It contains a parent node and one and more child nodes shown as branches of the parent node.

90 what is leaf node in ASP.net?

Answer:This type of node does not have any child node.

91 what is password recovery text property in ASP.net?

Answer:This property is used to set the text of a link to the password recovery pasge.

92 what is password recovery url in ASP.net?

Answer:This property is used to set the Url of password recovery page.

93 what is remember me text property in ASP.net?

Answer:This property is used to set the text of the label for the Remember me check box.

94 what is ID property in ASP.net?

Answer:This property is used to set the unique ID for the controls.

95 what is loginText in ASP.net?

Answer:This property is used to set the text used for login link.

96 what is LogOutPageUrl in ASP.net?

Answer:This property is used to set the Url of the logout page.

97 what is LogoutText property in ASP.net?

Answer:This property is used to set the text used for logout link.

98 what is visible property in ASP.net?

Answer:This property is used to set the visibility of the control on form.

99 what is the feature of data source control in ASP.net?

Answer:Data Source controls gives the feature of configuring the databases and XML files. Configuring is a task which contains the connection to database server, creation of select query and adding the data into web applications.

100 what is the latest version of .net framework?

Answer:.net 4.6 version.

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