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Setting a New Page

Start the notepad

Upto Windows 7-

Goto Start-> All Programs-> Accessories-> Notepad

Windows 8-

Search for ‘Notepad’ in start screen.

Write your code

Write your desired code for your desired web page that you are going to learn in further studies. For now, copy the following code into the Notepad.


<!DOCTYPE html>
First Page
<body bgcolor= “white”>
<p> This is the first page. </p><br />
<img src= “html_tut.jpg” />

Save and run the file

  • Save the file with the extension ‘.html’ and then run the file by double clicking on it. Ensure that the file is run into a web browser.
  • Note: As an image, name html_tut.jpg has been used in this code; the image with same name must be present in the same directory, where you have saved this html file. If not so, copy an image to that directory and rename it to html_tut.jpg, where .jpg is the extension.

Output of the above code

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