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csharp structure

C# Structure


  • Structure is a user defined data type that is very similar to the class.
  • Structure is a collection of values of dissimilar and similar data types.
  • Structure are basically used where we have to store complete information for any object like ‘student’ so all the information of a student like student-name, age, class, phone number etc. can be stored in a structure type variable.

Declaration of Structure


    • Structure is declared with the use of struct keyword.
    • The basic syntax for a declaration of a structure is as follows:
struct struct_name
Data member1;
Data member2;
Data member3;

    • We can define a struct named as Student as follows:
    • struct Student


    • {


    • public string name;


    • public int age;


    • public string branch;


    • public string city;


    • public string telephone;


    • }


    • You can create a structure type variable by using following syntax:
Structure_name variable_name;

For example:

student s1;

    • Datamember of structure can be accessed using ‘.’ Or access operator.

For example:


    • Here is an example which is sufficient for understanding the use of structure:
using System;
namespace structure
class struct1
struct student //declaration of structure
public string name;
public int age;
public string branch;
public string city;
public string telephone;
static void Main(string[] args)
student s1;//declare structure type variable
//initialization of structure elements
s1.name=”Radha Sharma”;
s1.city = “Delhi”;
s1.telephone = “9778123545”;
//Accessing structure elements
Console.WriteLine(“Name of student:{0}”, s1.name);
Console.WriteLine(“age of student:{0}”, s1.age);
Console.WriteLine(“Branch of student:{0}”, s1.branch);
Console.WriteLine(“city of student:{0}”, s1.city);
Console.WriteLine(“Telephone number of student:{0}”, s1.telephone);

  • The output of the above program is as follows:
    Name of student: Radha Sharma
    age of student:21
    Branch of student:C.S.
    city of student:Delhi
    Telephone number of student:9778123545

Features of Structure


  • Structures are created quickly and they give faster access of data as compare to classes.
  • Structures are automatically de-allocated once they go out of scope.
  • Structures are value type that’s why these are stored in the stack.
  • Structures can have constructors but not destructors.
  • Structure cannot be inherited.
  • Structure can implement interface.
  • Instance of structure can be created with or without new keyword.
  • Structure can have methods, events and properties like class.

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