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csharp.net menu control

  • A menu control provides a list of options to the user to choose from. It hides these options when they are not needed and thus saves the space in the Windows application.
  • Here we are going to study about a menu control i.e MenuStrip control :

MenuStrip Control

MenuStrip Control is used to display menus in a Windows Application. Let us take an example of MenuStrip control:

    • Add the MenuStrip control from the ToolBox to Form.
    • Now notice the text Type Here. We can create a new menu by double-clicking on that text. A text box will appear in place of text Type Here. Now enter the title for the menu as ‘File’.
    • Now we will add the menu items to File Menu. To do this, click on the Type Here text box below the File menu. This will open a Text box. Enter the text ‘New’ for menu item.
    • Similarly we can add multiple menu items for File menu as Open, Save and Exit. As shown in given figure:


    • Press F5 key to see the result. It will show the following output:


If we click on any of these items, these will do nothing. We have to describe the actions for these menu items so that that they can perform any work.

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