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C++ is a general purpose object oriented and case sensitive programming language. It was developed by the BjarneStroustrup at AT& T’s bell laboratories in the Murray Hill, New Jersey, USA in 1979 with the name “C with Classes” but later in 1983 it was renamed as C++.

Here we provide the better and simple solution related to the C++ Tutorial for fresher and also for the advance programmer. Eitworld.com provides a way to better concepts related to Basic C++ Programming Tutorials for freshers for beginner and goes up to the advance level.

C++ is an object oriented programming language which supports the several parameters of objects oriented paradigm such as Classes, Inheritance, Polymorphism, Encapsulation, Data Abstraction, message passing, dynamic binding or runtime polymorphism etc. C++ provides the several libraries to develop the application such as Core library, Standard library, Standard template library.

Here we provide the simple and clear way to learn and clear the concepts of C++ programming language in the simple manner and simple language which can be understood by the any students which provides the better and soft experience to the students.

We know that C++ provides the better way to implement the several types of application such as window application, client server application, device drivers, embedded firmware software.

C++ is a simple programming language. C++ provides the structured programming. C++ provides the facility to manage the memory or space means memory management.

C++ provides the various features to implement the real world projects. Here eitworld.com provides the simple and easy learning for C++ so we provide C++ Tutorial in easy and simple way so that anyone can learn in the easy way with joy. So eitworld.com introduced C++ tutorial for you.

C++ provides a lot of concept for the security of data types or type mismatch of data type. If you want to use specific type of data then the concept is called the generics which accepts only one type values which is defined by the programmer. Here you can learn this concept by exploring the C++ Programming Tutorial at eitworld.com.

C++ provides the lot of security related to real time application so that outer side person cannot interfere the application so C++ provides the concept of the encapsulation concept which binds the data members and member function into a single unit called as class. Here we provide all the concepts in the easy manner to read our C++ Tutorial For Beginners and this goes up to high level.

C++ provides the data hiding concepts which hide the internal data from the user only the function work is shown to the user. This type of programming you can learn at the eitworld.com which makes your learning easy and better.

File handling plays a vital role in C++ programming because there is no concept of database connectivity in the C++ language that’s why we use the concept of the file handling to store the data into the files. This concept is also well defined in our tutorial that is C++ Programming Tutorial at eitworld.com which makes your performance faster.

C++ supports all the features of the OOPS like inheritance, polymorphism, encapsulation, abstraction, message passing, dynamic binding, data hiding, operator overloading etc. here we provide all the concept in detail. Here all the things are only at one place which is only on eitworld.com that makes your learning easy and simple.

We provide the Basic C++ Programming Tutorials and also provide the advance level tutorial for advance learning. So you have no need to find anywhere for other topics. Here all topics are covered which can help you in academics level, college level or even programmer level. So first come and never go anywhere. This is the quality of the eitworld.com which provides the education at one click.

what is C++ ?

  • C++ Tutorial is a general purpose object oriented programming language.
  • It was developed by the Bjarne Stroustrup at AT & T’s bell laboratories in the Murray Hill, New Jersey, USA in 1979 with the name “C with Classes” but later in 1983 it was renamed as C++.
  • It is an extension of C language with too many new features added.
  • Like C language C++ is also a middle level language that combines the features of high level language (ADA, BASIC and COBOL etc) and low level language (assembly language).
  • C++ Tutorial is the multi paradigm, compile, free form, general purpose, statistically typed programming language.
  • C++ Tutorial is an object oriented programming language which supports the following parameters of objects oriented paradigm:
    • Classes
    • Inheritance
    • Polymorphism
    • Encapsulation
    • Data Abstraction

We will study of each of this object oriented paradigm in detail in the further sections.


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