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why use android

When we moved to one new technology from older technology, then one question occur in our mind that why we use it. Now we are using Android to achieve the following objectives:

  • Market sharing: In the current era, there are lots of android users. Using android development, we can develop our own application and we can publish that application on Google Play. Google play provides the facility for direct accessing to our application. Google play is preinstalled on our android phone.
  • Android provides the application programming interface (API) to develop the android application. Using this API, we can develop full featured application and after completion this app, we can publish this app on Google play and can earn some money. We can upload any type of application on Google play store.
  • Open Platform: Android provides the open platform facility. Android application can be developed using any kind of operating system. By using open source code, manufacturers can make new code means can able to customize that code and can create custom user interface.
  • Compatibility: Android provides cross-platform means android application can run on any type screen, size and resolutions including mobile phones, tablets etc. Google provides the facility to run the application only on the compatible devices such as mobile phones or tablets.
  • Geo-location and social networking: Using android application, users are able to share their location via social networking such as Facebook or Twitter.
  • Geo-location & gaming: Some applications want the player’s location then another application runs on background to find or track the player’s location. This application used to check the location of all players who are playing same game together. This application checks that all users are on same location or on different location.
  • Internet & contacts: By using the android API, we can develop full featured application and can also combine the internet and contacts name to develop a greeting-card application. The popular example of this kind of application is True-caller that shares the information of contacts when we create contacts using this app.

Advantage of Android

  • Android provides the unified approach to develop the android application. It means developers need to develop only Android and then application can run on different devices powered by Android.
  • Android is open source means anyone can download the code and can customize according to their need.
  • The biggest advantage of android is that when we want to check email and at this time, there is no laptop or computer but we have android phone then using the android phone, we can check the emails.

Features of Android

  • Android provides the various features such as live RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds, whether details etc.
  • Android provides the facility for push notifications, GPS, storage facility using SQLite.
  • Android provides the connectivity such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GSM, CDMA, LTE, Wi-Max, NFC etc.
  • Android provides the messaging facilities such as SMS, MMS.
  • Android provides the web browser that uses open-source layout web-kit engine and it is coupled with Google Chrome and support HTML5 and CSS3.
  • Android provides the facility for multi-touch.
  • Android provides Multitasking means at the same time more than one application can run simultaneously.
  • It provides Multilanguage support

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