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Progress Dialog

  • Progress dialog is like alert dialog in android.
  • It indicates that activity or screen will display after some time of moment.

  • It looks like as follows: android
  • In android, ProgressDialog is extension of the AlertDialog which can be used to display the animation on the activity in the form of spinning wheel.
  • It is used when the task in progress is undefined or a task in progress with defined progression.
  • We can also provide the button to this dialog such as one to cancel the download.
  • To open a progress dialog box, we have to call the ProgressDialog.show() method. It is a static method of ProgressDiaog class.
  • We can use the following statements to show the progress dialog:
    ProgressDialog d =ProgressDialog.show(MainActivity.this,””,”Wait”,true);
  • In this, 1st parameter is the current application context on which activity we want to show this dialog, the 2nd parameter is a title for the dialog (here left empty), and the 4th parameter is whether is intermediate.
  • The spinning wheel is the default style of the progress dialog.
  • If we want to customize the default styles then we have to code for it.

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