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Multimedia in Android

  • Android provides the facility to use the sound in the application.
  • Now days, android phones are not only used for the communicating purpose but also for the entertainment.
  • In current era, everyone wants to use the multimedia smart phones.
  • So android provides the support for all the facilities such as playing music, playing movies, internet surfing.
  • Android provides all these things by which user can take the full enjoyment.
  • In android systems, Google provide the default multimedia system which we can use.
  • In android, stage fright is a multimedia system which is provided by the Google for the android devices. Before this, OPENCORE system was used. It is completely replaced by the stage fright. We can develop an application which can support for both systems.
  • By using the stage fright, we can download the media, playback the media and we can also watch the live streaming.
  • Stage fright supports various types of protocols such as RTSP, HTTP.
  • Using this, we can record any media and stage fright also supports the video calls.
  • This system also supports the other input and output hardware.

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